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Antivirus software is a computer program used to scan and remove viruses from your computer.There are two main approaches of detection methods that most antivirus software use: Suspicious Behavior and Dictionary. With the first approach, the antivirus software will track down the strange behavior of programs on your computer in order to detect if the program are infected by viruses. The second approach is based on the virus database of the antivirus software. This strategy seems less effective because it can only catch viruses that are known and can miss new, non-registered viruses.

The advantages of antivirus software are obvious as its name states. However, Matt Koble (2012) in his article entitled The Advantages of an Antivirus states that there are many more benefits of antivirus program that computer users may not notice. Aside from just stopping/removing viruses, most antivirus have proved they are a comprehensive tool. They not only protect your computer and your data, but also save your expenses and make you feel a lot safer.

+91 (9625) 101 042

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